How to charge at a DC Fast station

Charging at a DC Fast station requires you to check in using the Volta App.

Volta DC Fast stations are marked with “DC Fast” at the top of the cable and use the CCS1 connector. They’re also color-coded dark blue on the Volta app.

To start your charge

  • Select your charger location and number on the app.
  • Tap CHECK IN 
  • Plug in the charger when prompted. It usually takes a few seconds to start charging, but can take up to a minute.

At the end of your charge

You can end your session by tapping STOP CHARGE on the Volta app or from your vehicle’s dashboard or corresponding app.

  • Press the unlock button on the connector all the way down and firmly pull the connector out of your vehicle.
  • Replace the connector in the station holster and roll up the cable to prevent damage.
  • Move your vehicle from the parking space to let the next driver in.

Some Volta DC Fast stations have a maximum charging duration. At these locations, the charge session will automatically end after the specified charge duration. Check your app for details.


You'll be notified when your charge ends if you have enabled push notifications. To enable push notifications, please check the settings on the app and your phone.