How to charge at a Level 2 station

Level 2 stations offer charging at 6kW to 10kW and use the J1772 connector. Charging is easy at our Level 2 stations - just plug in and charge. Check the Volta app for station availability and details such as location and hours of operation.

To start your charge

  • Plug the charging connector into your vehicle. Make sure the connector is firmly seated and locked. You should hear and feel a click when you plug the connector in.
  • Charging should start soon after plugging in. It usually takes a few seconds but can take up to a minute to start charging.

To end your charge

Charging sessions end automatically when your battery has reached its maximum. To end your charging session early: 

  • Press the unlock button on the connector all the way down and firmly pull the connector out of your vehicle.
  • Replace the connector in the station holster and roll up the cable to prevent damage.
  • Move your vehicle from the parking space to let the next driver in.

Please be sure to read your vehicle’s documentation on charging.  Each make and model varies slightly and may require different settings. Tesla drivers should only use the charging adapter that came with the vehicle. Third-party adapters are not supported by our network.