Vehicle Type compatibility

Level 2 chargers are compatible with all EVs, but most plug-in hybrids and some older electric vehicles do not support DC Fast charging.

All of our Level 2 chargers are equipped with J1772 charging cables and are compatible with all US vehicles. Teslas come equipped with an adapter for the J1772 connector.

DC Fast chargers are compatible with vehicles that have a CCS charging port.

Charging a Tesla at a Volta station

To charge a Tesla at a level 2 station just use the J1772 adapter that came with your vehicle. Third-party adapters are not supported.

To start your charge

Attach your adapter to the J1772 charging plug first, then plug it into your vehicle. Charging should begin automatically.

To end your charge

Stop charging on your vehicle dashboard or Tesla App. Then remove the charging plug and your adapter together using two hands. Be sure to keep your adapter and return the connector to the charger holster.

We do not currently offer DC fast charging for Teslas, as Volta does not support third-party Tesla CCS adapters.

Charging Timers

Some EVs allow the driver to set a charging timer, or maximum charge level preference prior to the vehicle being charged. This can result in your vehicle not accepting a charge at a Volta station. Please refer to your vehicle’s manual for more information.