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What if the charger gets stuck to my car?

Don't panic! Many vehicles have a ‘charger lock’ feature to prevent your vehicle from being unplugged mid-charge. Check your car’s user manual for model-specific locking and unlocking mechanisms.

We recommend the following:

  • Turn off your vehicle and lock/unlock the car with your key fob. Some cars require you to press the unlock button up to 3 times, and some key fobs need to be near the charging port in order to unlock.
  • Many vehicles have an “Auto Lock/Unlock” button on the dashboard or near the charging port. It will usually be an icon of a lock and a power plug.
  • Some vehicles also have a manual cord release. Please check your vehicle’s user manual for model-specific information.

Still stuck? Please call our support line, and we’ll do our best to assist you: 888-264-2208